Exemplar - An ELN scientists want to use

Adoption of an ELN by scientists is the number one concern of ELN purchasers. Exemplar ELN® was designed so scientists can create their experiment and start recording their lab experiment details immediately with zero training.

Exemplar's new Seamless interface actually looks like a paper notebook and the scientists can customize the texture and color to suit their own needs.

Exemplar also provides powerful features without requiring the mouse to make data entry faster. Instrument files can just be dropped into the experiment and will be processed immediately. Our Seamless ELN is therefore also your SDMS.

Scientists are Smarter when they work Collaboratively

In a major advancement in ELN collaboration, Exemplar is the only ELN that supports any number of scientists working on the same Experiment at the same time. The original author of an experiment can designate other scientists to collaborate with them on their experiment.

The Seamless Lab isn't just about visual appearance, as designated experiment co-authors can work simultaneously on the experiment by writing notes, adding and loading new data, editing the existing content, and more! No longer is there the need to check in, check out experiments blocking others from accessing them. The Seamless Lab breaks down barriers to productivity by supporting real time, collaborative work.

Search, Visualize & Analyze

The important work being done by scientists represents a large amount of knowledge that is likely failing to be captured by your organization.

Exemplar ELN addresses this need by incorporating the most powerful, targeted searching tools in the ELN space. All structured and unstructured data captured in notebooks can easily be searched across your entire organization by scientists to further your research and discovery efforts.

You can also easily visualize experimental data points in numerous ways with the ability to create charts immediately on any table of data. Exemplar's Informatics module enables analysis of the data using R stats as well as deep learning analysis with our out of the box Amazon Sagemaker integration.

Go Beyond Traditional ELN

Sapio took its decade-plus of extensive LIMS experience and merged key elements into our Seamless ELN solution. This means that Exemplar ELN has the ability to track Samples, Plating, Materials and Instruments in experiments.

Exemplar ELN's advanced plating engine features enable 3D Plating where you can track all your aliquots and derivatives in detail as well as sample lineage.

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