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Sapio Sciences Exemplar ELN Editions

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Delivery Features
Cloud Hosted on Amazon by Sapio
Real Time Replication to Protect from Data Loss
Web Service API (REST/JSON)
Enterprise class scalability
User Experience
MS Office Integration
Drag and Drop documents to Experiments
Integrated Chat and Discussion threads
All structured tables sortable and editable
Responsive layout Resizes based on window size
Complete Tablet Support
Personalize your Notebook Experiment Paper & Texture
Configurable Home Page by Role
Configurability and Extendibility
User definable custom fields
Easily Create Robust and Intuitive experiment Templates
Powerful Formula Fields for Automatic Calculations
Search and Data Visualization
Search within PDF and Office Document Contents
Google style Quick Search of fields across all experiments
Integrated Chart Builder
Targeted searching using integrated Query Builder
Experiment Features
Configurable experiment locations w/ access controls
Multiple Scientists work on Experiment at Same Time
Graphical Storage Management
Sample Registration Template
  • Register Whole Plates or Tubes
  • Sample Meta Data Capture
Sample Receiving Template
  • Capture Receipt Information such as shipping info
  • Capture Sample Conditions
Configurable E-Signature Rules
Complete Plate Management
  • Visual, Drag and Drop Plating
  • Assign Samples to Plates
  • Aliquot/Derivative Lineage Tracking
  • Proper Volume Tracking
Structured Data Capture & Targeted Search
Instrument Results Loader/Viewer
3D Plate Designer with Automatic Dilution Calcs
Extended Experiment Metadata Capture Entries
Integrated Materials Management
Instrument Tracking
Embedded Sapio Docs, Slides, and Spreadsheets
Drag/Drop/Paste Images and Annotate them
Easy Creation of Structured Formula Fields
Detailed PDF Report Creation from Completed Experiments
Free form Text Capture

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