Exemplar - An ELN scientists want to use

Adoption of an ELN by scientists is the number one concern of ELN purchasers. Exemplar ELN Pro meets the challenge of combining both industry best ease of use (simplicity) with industry leading capabilities (complexity of function).

Exemplar ELN Pro was designed and built for scientists to ensure ease of use and adoption. Scientists are empowered with Exemplar to design and track complex experiments without the need of ELN administrators. Almost all notebook additions and functions are done via intuitive drag and drop operations. This means that both lab technicians and scientists can be quickly trained to use the ELN and can be productive almost immediately.

Exemplar ELN's responsive interface works in all leading browsers with no software to install, and works just as well on tablets.

ELN or LIMS, which do I need?

Sapio took its decade of extensive LIMS and ELN experience and merged them into a single solution: Exemplar ELN Pro. This means that Exemplar ELN Pro can save you money and cover your needs whether for tracking the day to day experimental work of your research scientists or the lab processing of samples by lab technicians.

Exemplar ELN supports all the common LIMS features and more. No longer do you have to buy point solutions that don’t integrate and provide limited functionality.

Exemplar ELN - For more than Patent Protection

The important work being done by scientists represents a large amount of knowledge that is likely failing to be captured by your organization. While Exemplar incorporates all the key e-signing one would expect from an ELN to ensure proper compliance, market research indicates key motivations for implementing an ELN are capturing and mining scientific data.

Exemplar ELN addresses this need by incorporating the most powerful searching tools in the ELN space. All structured data and unstructured data captured in ELN notebooks can be searched across your organization. You can also easily create interactive dashboards plotting experimental data points in numerous ways with the ability to apply statistics to your charts.

Since Exemplar also incorporates traditional LIMS features, you can also search across notebooks and lab processing data at the same time. Never before has such comprehensive view of a company's scientific work been possible in a single solution.

Scientists are Smarter when they work Collaboratively

In a major advancement in ELN collaboration, Exemplar supports any number of users working on the same notebook at the same time. The original author of a notebook can designate any number of other scientists to collaborate on their experiment with them. The other authors can work simultaneously on a notebook including adding new data, editing existing data, doing data analysis, etc. All work done on an experiment has detailed audit logging so it's easy to see who did what in the notebook.

Exemplar ELN also utilizes the Sapio Feed, so both user and system generated messaging occurs in real time so users are always in touch on key notebook events.

Scientists can have discussions within the notebook experiment and can also easily create templates from existing experiments for easy re-use and sharing with other scientists.

Additional Highlights

  • MS Office Integration
  • Google style Quick Search across all experiments
  • Integrated Dashboard Builder
  • Integrated Dashboards to visualize sample lineages, turnaround times, projects, etc.
  • Integration of R Statistics for out of the box support of common analysis such as curve fitting
  • Supports scripting to extend your system in unlimited ways
  • Enterprise class scalability
  • Rules Engine to perform powerful functions with zero coding


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