Both Biotech and Pharma need Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) capabilities and Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) capabilities. Traditional LIMS systems target lab technicians and their laboratory samples and processes. Traditional ELN's target scientists and their need for tracking ad hoc experiment details as well as analyzing their experimental data.

Sapio has eliminated the barriers between these two product areas by leveraging its more than decade of unique experience offering both LIMS and ELN solutions and combining the key features of each solution into one, best of breed, product: Exemplar ELN® Pro.

Now you can realize the significant advantages of having a single solution to meet both your lab management and electronic notebook needs without sacrificing features or usability of either. In fact, Exemplar ELN Pro offers world class capabilities whether using it as a LIMS, ELN or both.

Additional benefits include needing only one training program for lab technicians and scientists. Furthermore, system administrators only need to learn and understand one single platform increasing their effectiveness. There is also no need to perform costly and error prone integrations between multiple LIMS and ELN solutions!

Exemplar ELN Pro

Feature LIMS ELN Exemplar ELN Pro
Request Management  
Sample Management  
Lab Process Management  
Materials Management  
Fully Configurable & Graphical Storage Management  
Ad Hoc Experiment Tracking  
Built in E-Signatures with Multi-Role Support  
Drag & Drop Experiment Tracking  
Integrated Analytics  


Clients & Partners

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