Exemplar - An ELN scientists want to use

Adoption of an ELN by scientists is the number one concern of ELN purchasers. The challenge is to combine both industry best ease of use (simplicity) with industry leading capabilities (complexity of function). The ultimate expression of this is what we call Simplexity.

Exemplar ELN was designed and built for scientists to ensure ease of use and adoption. Almost all operations are intuitive drag and drop operations. This means that both lab technicians and scientists can be quickly trained to use the ELN and can be productive almost immediately.

Exemplar ELN also runs in all leading browsers with no software to install, and works just as well on tablets. Simple and visual role assignments for witnesses, reviewers and approvers…or any subset of these depending on how your organization wants to work

ELN or LIMS, which do I need?

Sapio took its decade of extensive LIMS experience and merged key LIMS features and functions into a single solution: Exemplar ELN Pro. This means that Exemplar ELN can save you money and cover your needs from the research scientists to the lab technician.

ELN supports all the common LIMS features and more. No longer do you have to buy point solutions that don’t integrate and provide limited functionality.

With Exemplar ELN Pro you can train across your organization on one solution for the labs and the scientists. You can build a competency for administration of Exemplar that can address both the scientists and the labs needs, saving time and money.

Exemplar ELN - For more than Patent Protection

Companies invest large amounts of money in the scientists and the experiments that they perform day in and day out. The important work being done by the scientists represents a large amount of knowledge that is likely failing to be captured by your organization. While Exemplar incorporates all the key e-signing one would expect from an ELN to ensure proper compliance, market research indicates key motivations for implementing an ELN are capturing laboratory intellectual property and managing workflows.

Exemplar addresses this need by incorporating the most powerful searching tools in the ELN space. All data captured in ELN notebooks can be searched across your organization. Both structured data and unstructured data is fully searchable. You can also easily create dashboards plotting experimental data points in numerous ways with the capability of applying statistics to your charts.

This represents a major advancement to ELN's so that they are not only usable now for IP protection, but also to capture important experimental details across your organization.

Scientists are Smarter when they work Collaboratively

In a major advancement in ELN collaboration, Exemplar supports any number of users working on the same notebook at the same time. The original author can designate any number of authors, witnesses, reviewers and approvers. The other authors can work on the notebook including adding new data, editing existing data, doing analysis, etc.

Exemplar ELN also utilizes the Sapio Feed, so both user and system generated messaging occurs in real time so users are always in touch on key notebook events and communications. Exemplar also supports any number of discussion threads on notebook entries with real time notifications sent to all notebook authors when comments are made on entries.

Interactive dashboards are easily constructed using Exemplar ELN's dashboard builder. Experimental data from across all projects and studies can be easily search and then multi-level, interactive dashboards are easily created from the resulting data. Dashboards can then be saved and re-run at any future time.

Search and Data Visualization

  • Permits searching of attached documents contents
  • Google style Quick Search of fields across all experiments
  • Integrated Dashboard Builder
  • Integrated Dashboards & Dashboard Builder to track samples, activities, times etc.
  • Integrated Query Builder for easy searching across system
  • Supports multiple scripting languages to extend your system in unlimited ways
  • Enterprise class scalability


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